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This year we again have a fun race for the youngest athletes aged 8-13 on the programme. Our children's triathlon is perfect for those who are not old enough for the youth series or who have never done a triathlon before. Here, no one will look askance at you if you show up on your ordinary city bike. Everyone can join, it's all about having fun. There is a nice medal for all children who complete their triathlon. 

Swimming route 

There is swimming in a circular stretch of 200m with a beach start. It is approximately 300m from the swim exit to the change zone. 

You can swim all the way on the swimming route and it is allowed to have your parents in the water with you! If the water is on the cold side, we shorten the swimming route. 

Cycle route 

You cycle on an easy 3 km round, which is clearly marked and with a lot of helpers who show the way and cheer you on.  

Running route 

The running route takes place on an away-home route at Tangkrogen. There is running on gravel. One lap is 1.25 km. A lap is run. 

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