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To help you be well prepared, we have put together an informative list of the most important things to pack for your triathlon with us. 


Swimming goggles: It is always recommended to bring swimming goggles as they help improve your visibility and navigation during the swim part.

Swimwear: A well-fitting bathing suit or swimming trunks is essential for a comfortable swim. If the water temperature is below 16 degrees, a wetsuit is required.

Bathing cap: A swim cap will be provided during on-site registration and must be worn throughout the swim portion to ensure uniformity.


A bicycle with functional brakes:You may not start on a single start bike or triathlon bike. You can participate on any other bike, with working brakes, whether it's a racer, mtb or your regular everyday bike.

Helmet: Safety is a high priority at our event, so it is required to wear an approved bicycle helmet throughout the bicycle portion of the triathlon.

What you don't need:

Special cycling clothing. As the cycling part only extends over 10 km, ordinary training clothes are perfectly acceptable and comfortable to cycle in.

Racing bike: There is no need to invest in an expensive racing bike unless you already own one and prefer to use it.


Running shoes: Bring your running shoes to finish the triathlon safely.

Comfortable running clothes: Wear running clothes that you feel comfortable in, as this will help you perform at your best in the running part of the triathlon.

With this guide, we hope you feel well prepared for your next triathlon with us. Remember to prioritize safety and comfort throughout the event, and look forward to an unforgettable experience!

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